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Star Brake Lathes boost brake shop profits.

From the smallest import economy car to a metro bus fleet to an off-road grader, there's a Star Brake Lathe that will maximize productivity and return on your investment. Star lathes can turn rotors up to 30" in diameter and drums up to 42" in diameter. Click on the links below for more detailed information and specifications on our Brake Lathe models.

In the automotive brake shop, a Star Model 1290 Brake Lathe Micro Finish allows switching from rotors to drums almost instantly.

For the bus fleet, Star's Transfermatic Lathe turns drums and precision arcs the brake blocks at the same time for perfect mating of brake material and drum surface. It extends brake life by thousands of miles.

Heavy duty Disc Brake Lathe, Model 1600 is a disc lathe with with twice the turning power and rigidity of ordinary disc brake lathes.

Star Model 2010 Super Lathe is a dual-spindle lathe for disc and drum resurfacing.

The Star Model 1960 Brake Drum Lathe is a big capacity, high production drum lathe for fleet maintenance, jobber machine shops and truck stops.

Star Model 1477 Para-Transit Master Disc and Drum Brake Lathe is an affordable, large capacity, high volume lathe, perfect for para-transit fleets.

The Star Model ZDL Versa Lathe is our "starter" lathe.  It has fewer options than the larger lathes, but is fully capable of handling virtually all brake service needs at an entry level price.

Made in U.S.A.